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We would not be able to achieve our current reach and scope of services without our dedicated and inspiring volunteers, who give both time and talent to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and their families. We are a unique nonprofit with every event we host put on almost entirely by volunteers. Our nurses, camp/program directors, office staff, teachers, and counselors all come together for our events because we love it. Volunteers serve in many different capacities at our various events, ranging from one-on-one assistance for children or adults to being the director of fun! They are also essential to staging the many events and fundraising activities that take place throughout Southern California.

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Please Login or create an account below. Registering for events is to inform us of your availability, does not guarantee you a chance to volunteer.  (Please note that we try to allow a variety of volunteers to serve at different events, which provides an opportunity for clients to meet new people, but this may mean we won't need everyone that is available for an event.)