Life Skills Day Program


About ICAN Day Program:

We are a week-day program providing social development, fit and healthy living, community integration and an employment first training center. Client participation is integral in creating their own program activity schedule. This further supports the ICAN mission. We believe the above gives our clients the opportunity to enjoy meaningful experiences, and encourages them to discover more of who they are and what they can do.

Program Parameters:

Our program maintains a balance of on-site programming and off-site community integration. Therefore clients desiring to apply should note the following requirements. We are able to serve clients with varied types of disabilities and multiple diagnosis. Clients must have the ability to obey and follow directions, have bowel and bladder control, no violent tendencies and a desire to develop life and work skills. We accept both ambulatory and non-ambulatory clients.
We have a 1:3 staff-to-client ratio.

All potential clients must attain applicable regional center approval prior to completing the ICAN interview and intake packet. This is in compliance with our licensing and accreditation.

For more information call us at (310) 374-8295 or email